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Embark On A Journey Within

an empowering journey which transforms your life and takes you on the path of greatness. Release the limitations which hold you back and discover the immense power within. Transform your destiny. 






Workshops Self-Empowerment Workshops at Illuminations


Our objective is for you to optimize your health, wealth, professional life, and relationships in order to reach your highest potential.

The workshops and seminars are created for personal and spiritual growth in every aspect of your life. Select which aspect of your life that you would like to begin with. 

Family and Childhood
Family and
Marriage and Relationships
Marriage and
Spiritual Development
Inspiration,  Career & Work
Career & Work
Health & General Wellbeing
Health & General
Specialized Programs 
Illuminations India Workshops









Most of the issues we face in life are self-created!

If we have created our issues, then we also have the power to change it!




Family and Childhood


Our workshops encourage participants to explore the impact which childhood experiences have had in shaping their belief systems.

As we progress to having our own families, we become quite aware of the relevance of creating a harmonious environment at home which allows everyone to flourish without having the baggage of limitations.


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InformationMost of the issues we face in our adult life, can be traced back to our childhood and upbringing!

Check-Mark  Heal your inner child from a tough childhood experience

Check-Mark  Break free from self limiting beliefs

Check-Mark  Release experience anger, blame and regret towards your parents

Check-Mark  Improve your communication with your child

Check-Mark  Learn creative ways to enhance your child’s potential




Marriage & Relationships


We all wish to travel on the journey of companionship and fulfillment. Our workshops are created to help you get a better understanding of relationships through a process of love and acceptance. This helps you to experience the highest level of compatibility, where you don’t ‘fall in love’ but instead, ‘rise in love.’


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A majority of us enter relationships to fill a void that is within us. Self Love is the key to happy relationships! 


Check-Mark  Bring your relationship alive

Check-Mark  Increase your compatibility with your partner

Check-Mark  Improve communication with your partner

Check-Mark  Recognize self sabotaging behavior patterns

Check-Mark  Break free from unhealthy relationships

Check-Mark  Release the fear of insecurity and fear of being alone

Check-Mark  Manifest Your Most Suitable Partner! 




Spiritual Development


When rational thinking and logic fail to help us find any solutions to the challenging situations in our lives, we are compelled to go beyond our five senses and look for the answers within.

These workshops empower individuals to tap into the infinite power of universal intelligence to access their inherent wisdom and intuition. 


View Upcoming Spiritual Development Workshops 


There is a powerful universal force that resides within each of us! Connecting with this energy is the key to
manifesting greatness!

Check-Mark  Connect with the powerful universal energy within and around you.

Check-Mark  Learn powerful tools to access your intuition and increase psychic abilities

Check-Mark  Awaken Compassion, Kindness and Forgiveness within

Check-Mark  Utilize the power of your mind, body and energy to manifest your desires!




Inspiration, Career & Work


Our workshops inspire individuals to unlock their hidden potential and help them achieve their dreams! The objective is to create a balance between work and the abundance that comes with it.

We are all here for a higher purpose. Recognizing it and then achieving it is perhaps the most important purpose of our life. 


 View Upcoming Inspiration, Career & Work Workshops




You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with!

Check-Mark  Tap into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind & Accelerate Your Success!

Check-Mark  Follow Your Dreams & Discover your Life Purpose

Check-Mark  Increase Your Financial Abundance

Check-Mark  Achieve Your Goals

Health & General Wellbeing

General-WellbeingThese workshops cater to individuals who are interested in making a general lifestyle change by increasing their energy, living naturally, and being healthier.


Our holistic approach to well being, enables us to achieve long lasting results by understanding all aspects of the mind-body connection. *


View Upcoming Health & General Wellbeing Workshops 


Check-Mark  Learn about holistic and natural remedies to resolve physical issues in your body.

Check-Mark  Learn about the smooth gentle experience

Check-Mark  Learn how your thoughts and emotions can affect your body

Check-Mark  Make smarter healthy food choices and lifestyle habits that are right for your body.

Check-Mark  Lose weight easily, effectively and wisely!

* Disclaimer - Benefits mentioned above vary among each individuals
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