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What is Illuminations?


Illuminations India


Illuminations, is a leader in creating various wellness & well-being opportunities across several platforms, under one recognized brand, for people to unearth their true potential.


Illuminations, currently owns and operates well-being centers in Pune, India & Dubai, U.A.E and most recently Kuwait, with over 10,000 clients. Illuminations, has been instrumental creating the well-being industry in Dubai, which was previously non existent prior to 2006.  


Our goal is to provide the Illuminations experience in different parts of the world. 




Partner With Illuminations


Wellness today is one of the fastest growing industries and partnering up with Illuminations can be a promising opportunity to be a part of a unique model of business.


Not only is Illuminations successful in making a positive contribution to humanity, we also help you build a successful business model with our years of experience in the industry.


We support you in the following ways to ensure your success:


Standard Operating


Training & Support
Team Building




Wellness &
Holistic Trends



Our Strengths & USP


Check-Mark  Most recognized brand, providing premium quality of facilitators, space, and organization and multiple centers


Check-Mark  Standardized Operating Processes: Standardization of spirituality products, services & client experience through a professional back end CRM system, SOP’s & quality control!


Check-Mark  A One Stop Destination for all Holistic Healing Requirements


Check-Mark  Creative Business Development


Check-Mark  Multiple Revenue Models Under One Branded Platform


Check-Mark  International Affiliations, Training Academy and large Alumni Database of talented professionals within our clientele


Check-Mark  We endorse all schools of thoughts & approaches that facilitate self-empowerment.


Check-Mark  Positive Contribution to the Community through CSR initiatives: Non Profit Wellness Activities, Free Consultations, Charity & Donation




Our Market? Our Market is the Global Worldwide Reach! 


From Barcelona to Bhutan, our goal is launch Illuminations initiatives worldwide. Our approach is unique, our experience is special and our services cater to all cultures and backgrounds. 


World Map




Is Illuminations Right For You?

We are looking for long-term partnerships and associations. Therefore we are looking for the most suitable candidates who possess the following qualities:



Passion & Commitment

  Passion & Belief for Well-Being & Holistic Healing


  Commitment of time, dedication & focus to spreading awareness on the power of the mind, self and consciousness 






  Experience in retail or Hospitality, or private business ownership with management experience

  Knowledge and personal experience in the field of wellness & holistic healing

  Ability to engage the local community through marketing activities and branding




  The financial and adequate capital and resources to support business development and growth










Partnering Opportunities

We have flexible and potential partnering opportunities.  Kindly contact us to learn more details.







Our online application process will be up shortly.

Detailed Steps to partnering up with Illuminations & launching wellness initiatives in your city.



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