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  Fears & Phobias Management Techniques in Pune





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"I had 3 sessions with Illuminations to tackle an extreme fear of flying. After 1 session, I felt an instant improvement. I received techniques to manage my anxiety and after 1 year on, I am anxiety free and enjoy flying. It feels amazing." *




* Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

Why We Fear

Fear is strong, unpleasant emotional response to perceived danger.

Memories from past, painful experiences that we hold in our mind, body and energy field influences our perception. Fears control us and limit our freedom. It keeps us from enjoying life to its fullest and prevents us from reaching our true potential.

Fear & Phobia Management Program

Our therapy program at Illuminations therapy center in Pune includes powerful and permanent methods involving the best in integrative medicine to set you free from your negative associations. These methods help you unlearn irrational behavior patters.

Common Fears we help you resolve are as follows:

Fears & Phobias Therapy

  Fear of Loss
  Fear of Public Speaking
  Fear of Flying
  Fear of Heights

  Fear of Water
  Fear of Closed Spaces
  Fear of Death
  Fear of Animals

Our Fear Management & Therapy Program includes the following:

5  Private Therapy Sessions combining the best of alternative medicine and holistic healing methods by some of the most qualified and skilled therapists

Counseling & Additional Support 

This treatment includes the following:
Psychotherapy, counseling, meditation and yoga practices and naturopathy solution

* Disclaimer - Results mentioned vary among individuals  
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