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FAQs  Frequently Asked Questions


Get to know us better by reviewing our frequently asked questions about the many different areas and services we have to offer:





What are the  benefits of Meditation?

Meditation helps to can help you to reduce stress and tension from your system!

What type of meditation would suit me?

At Illuminations, we offer over 21 different types of group meditations. We also teach one-on-one private meditations.


We recommend private group meditation classes involving mindfulness for beginners. We offer these in a group sessions as well. Every week we have different topics for meditations. You can choose any topic that attracts you.


Why do I find it so difficult to meditate?

Focus is a major part of meditation, and you will notice that your mind chooses to focus on anything but the present moment. Your mind will find innumerable excuses not to meditate. If you are continuously tense or tend to think too much, you will find it difficult to sit still and meditate. You may find it a waste of time initially, especially if you are used to leading a busy life. Persist with it and you will be amazed at the changes – not only will you be more at peace and less stressed out, you will also find your productivity increasing significantly

What are the fees for group and private meditations? 

Fees for all in-house group meditations are between 200INR 300INR.Private Meditation sessions are priced at 500INR

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Training & Workshops


How is a workshop at Illuminations different from a training program? 

Our workshops provide individuals with unique tools for personal and spiritual growth. A training program will qualify you to practice holistic healing and self-development tools on yourself and for others.

What are the most popular training programs?

Maximum students have enrolled in the following training programs so far: 

1. Hypnotherapy

2. Chakra diagnosis

3. Reiki

4. Theta Healing

5. Access Consciousness

6. Spiritual Response Therapy

You can attend a free foundation course, or participate free of charge in any beginners level training for the first two hours to see if it is the right match for you. 

How can self-empowerment workshops help me?

Though we face many challenges, we are all meant to lead happy, fulfilling lives.  Sometimes we need a little assistance. Our empowerment workshops and seminars will provide the tools needed to transform your life, and help you display your highest potential at all times.

How do I know which empowerment workshop is meant for me?

Depending on what area of your life you need help with, you can choose from workshops in five different categories: 

• Resolution of family and childhood Issues

• Relationship resolution

• Spiritual Development

• Goals, career and inspiration

• Health and Well-Being

When are these workshops held, and what are the fees?

The fees vary based on the duration of the workshop and the topic. For the schedule and other details, please visit the ‘Upcoming Events and Calendar’ section of the website.


What can I expect in an Illuminations workshop experience?

Our workshops are held in a classroom or theatre set-up, complete with handouts and notes for each student. A lively and enlightening experience, the workshops are an interesting mix of theory, practice and group sharing. We provide tea/coffee and other refreshments depending on the duration of the workshop. For workshops that extend more than four hours, we provide participants with certificates of attendance.


Am I qualified to practice once I complete the training programs? 

Please contact us on for information on certification, authorizing bodies and qualifications. Through our alumni services we also offer internship and support groups for students to practice.

Private Consultations


How do I know which therapeutic modality to opt for, E.g. Reiki, Yoga or Hypnotherapy?

Which therapeutic modality to opt for depends on the issue you are facing. Everything around us begins with a thought. Your thoughts are the result of your beliefs, which have risen from your experiences. Holistic healing deals with the root cause of any issue. Our team of experienced therapists combines various techniques to provide long lasting healing. Avail of our many special offers and find enduring relief.


How many holistic therapy sessions would I need?

There is no fixed schedule. While some people find relief after a single session, others require a few more to see tangible results. Usually clients tend to require about five sessions to deal with one issue. After the first or second session your facilitator will be able to provide further guidance.

Are there any dos and don’ts to observe during therapy treatments?

Therapy sessions are like a detox, helping to cleanse your mind and body, and leading eventually to a healthy lifestyle. It is best to avoid alcohol 24 hours before and after therapy.


How do I know which therapy is right for me?

Choosing a therapy depends on what you want to achieve, or what issue you want to resolve. Our wellness consultants can help you choose the therapy, that will most suit you. Give us a call for a free consultation, or to avail our 20-minute special offer. Our ‘Special Offers’ section also has all the details about our programs and workshops.


What is the objective of therapy at Illuminations?

Illuminations has a team of qualified therapists with vast experience in a range of holistic approaches. We offer private consultations to help you deal with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.


We work on the premise that each of us is responsible for creating our problems in any sphere of life – whether health, career or relationships. And since we have created the imbalance, we have the power to undo it!


Once we understand this, it becomes easy to achieve healing by working on the body, mind and spirit. This holistic approach can change your life! Our therapy helps you to alter limiting patterns of behavior and live up to your true potential.


Do you guarantee confidentiality?

We guarantee 100% confidentiality for all sessions. All clients have to sign a consent form prior to the session.

Where can I find out about prices, durations and facilitators?

You will find up-to-date information on fees, facilitators and duration of therapy sessions in the ‘Private Consultations’ section under ‘Services’.


How will I know which practitioner is best for me?

To help you try out our various approaches, we offer free thirty-minute healings and general wellness consultations. These will give you an idea of which will work for you best. We often have several qualified therapists conducting our private consultations. Visit the ‘About Us’ section for more information about our practitioners


Do you offer package sessions?

We offer a 10-15% discount on the total amount if you purchase five sessions or more for most services. Our packages are valid for three months.


For more information check out our ‘Special Offers’ and ‘New Features’ section!


Holistic Healing


Who can attend these sessions and services?

Our clients range in age from 15 to 90 years! We also offer customized services for educational institutes and corporate professionals.


Why is the holistic approach so powerful?

We are much more than what we experience through our five senses – we are also the product of what we think and feel. In order to achieve wellness we need to balance mind, body and spirit. All these three aspects need to be perfectly synchronized if we are to enjoy peace of mind and harmony. Holistic healing has an integrated approach that deals with any issue on all levels, leading to long lasting and transformative results.


Does holistic therapy only work for people with issues?

Who among us doesn’t have some issue, even if it is not life-threatening or serious enough to come in the way of leading a happy, healthy life? We can all do with some help. Holistic healing therapies help us improve our life, and overcome even minor obstacles, allowing us to face life with ease. Holistic Healing facilitators show us how to view ourselves with neutral awareness and gently guide us towards healing.


Holistic healing helps us to give up the need to control, and allows us to admit our weaknesses, thus making it easy to find resolution for many of the issues that confront us.


Holistic healing works for anyone who is open to the idea that the first step towards change is through self-awareness. The second step is to have the courage to do something about it. For more information visit our section in ‘Services/Programs/Individual Clients’

Do I need to consult a therapist for every issue in my life?

A successful therapist is one who does not encourage dependency. He helps the client take control of his life through working on his own consciousness and achieving balance. Once the healing sessions with the therapist are over, the client may occasionally feel the need to provide feedback to the therapist. The therapist will provide guidance when needed, but the client will usually be able to independently use tools such as breathing and meditation to be comfortable in his own space. Illuminations seeks to help clients adopt spirituality as a way of life, and not just a tool to deal with difficult issues.

How do I know if I should opt for a holistic approach to change my life?

The holistic approach works for everyone. All our issues are caused by existing belief systems. Holistic approach helps to understand and change those beliefs and facilitates healing.


For e.g. if you have a belief system which states that you hate to party, and you marry a woman who loves to socialize and invites guests at home. Being around her will now be a painful experience. So either change the belief system, or change the wife!


How do I become a qualified therapist?

We offer a variety of certified training programs in various holistic modalities. Contact us for more information on the specific requirements for different training programs.


Does holistic healing work for children?

Holistic modalities usually involve healing at the subconscious level, and children have been found to be very receptive to this. Positive suggestions can help children deal with common issues such as concentration, fears and phobias, bed-wetting, stammering, among others. Our ‘Services/Programs/Educational’ section has more information on programs for children.

Does ongoing medical treatment interfere with the holistic healing process?

Absolutely not! ‘Holistic healing’ complements the allopathic healing process; in fact it helps to enhance it. Every treatment modality is important; some modalities treat the physical symptoms, while others tackle the emotional and other issues. For example, an individual diagnosed with cancer requires a medical solution to tackle the physical body; however complementary therapy can help reduce the side effects of the strong medical treatments, and ensure holistic healing takes place.


Does holistic healing have a scientific basis?

It is a fact that everything is made up of energy. Albert Einstein’s theory of energy, matter and time and space continuum is applicable to all human existence. Holistic healing works on these same laws. There have been several studies and experiments in quantum physics that measure thought waves and help us understand how thoughts manifest into the physical reality of existence. This is proof enough that holistic healing works. Refer to our recommended list of books in the ‘News and Links’ section for more information on this fascinating subject.


Why is the holistic approach to life coming into focus now?

More and more people are beginning to realize that we create the circumstances of our lives. We are now going inwards in an attempt to understand how to cope with the challenges of life. We want to learn how to deal with stress, and be happier and healthier individuals. This calls for a balance between our outer and inner selves. The holistic approach helps us achieve that balance, and more and more people are opting to practice it these days.


Will holistic healing interfere with my religious beliefs?

Holistic Healing is not meant to influence you to change your existing religious belief systems. It unites individuals by one common factor, which is that we all have a mind/body/soul and we all feel through our experiences. We help you to understand the true purpose of life, which is to go through all experiences with love. Our only goal is to help you achieve, Health and Happiness.


Where can I get information about your deals and offers?

Please register on the website and subscribe to our newsletter. You can also visit the ‘Special Offers’ section of our website.


Will my religious beliefs come in the way of holistic healing?

Your existing religious beliefs will not be affected by holistic healing practices in any way. The basic idea of holistic healing is that we are all comprised of a mind/body/soul, and we can achieve health and happiness by maintaining a balance between all three.


Payment and Bookings Policies


How can I gift an Illuminations experience to friends and family?

You can purchase our gift cards valued at 200INR, 1000INR or 2000INR, which has a one year validity from the date of purchase.


I have a ‘free healing offer’ card. What do I do next?

Please call us to confirm the validity of the offer and book an appointment at your convenience.


What is the booking and policies for therapy packages?

All payments made towards Illuminations Well Being Center are NON-REFUNDABLE, except when:

1.  There is a price adjustment

2.  A course is cancelled or delayed upon which 100% refund is applicable

3.  Goods or Services are damaged

4.  Death or major health reasons stated by the client due to hospitalization where proof is required such as health reports and doctors notes

5.  A client is very unhappy with the service and does not complete the full session.


To confirm a booking in any course priced above 5000 INR, a deposit of 50% is required.


Failure to pay a deposit 48 hours prior to the start of a course will lead to a late fee of 1500 INR; Deposits and advance payments are non refundable and non transferable in the case of a no-show. If notice is given 24 hours before a workshop, credit notes are issued, and payments are transferable towards other services, with no cancellation fee applicable. Less than 24 hours notice will result in an1500 INR cancellation fee.


General Enquiries


What are your working hours?

We are open from 9 am to 9 pm. Contact us on 02030483216 for any further information.

Learn More in our 'Contact' section.

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