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  De-Addiction Therapy & Quit Smoking Treatment Center in Pune




 Do you believe you cannot function without your addiction?
 Do you believe it’s too late to stop?
 Do you believe you need will power to stop?
 Do you believe you are an addictive personality?
 Do you believe you tried to quit but you failed?

Book your free consult today to learn the only way to overcome your addictions easily and permanently in a natural and holistic way!


"I quit smoking after 18 years through Illuminations smoking cessation program! I have lost 50 pounds, run a marathon and never felt better!" *




* Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

Smoking and De-Addiction Program at Illuminations Pune

At Illuminations we offer the most effective, easy and powerful methods to assist you in Smoking and De-addiction program. These are holistic integrated methods to identify the root cause of addiction and to help you free yourself from all addictive behavior patterns.

As a result you will lead Happy, healthy stress-free life. This will also help alleviate symptoms of depression, mental disorders and other psychiatric issues.

Therapeutic Approaches Include:

Desensitization, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Stress & Management through:

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Quit Smoking & De-Addiction TherapyAlthough Smoking remains most common addiction world while, we help our clients with any addiction such as alcohol, substance abuse, food and even work!

De-Addiction & Smoking Cessation Therapy Includes:


 A Free Consultation, to determine the willingness of the client to quit. This includes Q&A session with the therapist to confirm your readiness for the program - 30 min

5 Therapy Sessions - 1 Hour Each

3 Follow Up sessions in case client feels the need - 45 Minutes Each


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