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ChildCounseling  Child Counselling Services Centre in Pune




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* "My daughter Nina was a hyperactive child. We found that she was ADHD. At school her class teacher was also insisting that we start her treatment - but I was not willing to give my child psycho-stimulants at all. Hypnotherapy & Behavioral therapy helped so much! Her behavior has changed considerably and the teacher also doesn't complaint anymore. Thank you so much." 


Naina's Mother - Vidya Sharma

Child Counseling Testimonial

* Disclaimer - Results may vary from person to person

Overcoming issues at a young age will empower children to grow into powerful young adults, full of limitless possibilities and a fearless attitude. 

Many of the fears, phobias and negativity we currently experience are acquired in our childhood, either because of our upbringing, environment or social conditioning.

As we grow older, these issues are brought to the surface and make up our belief systems. We then spend most of our adult lives reaffirming these very same beliefs.

About Our Child Counseling Services

Just like adults, kids can benefit from therapy. Therapy helps develop problem-solving skills and teach them the value of seeking help. Therapists can help kids and their families cope with stress and a variety of emotional and behavioral issues

We help your children tackle with a following range of Issues:

Check-Mark Bullying & Peer Pressure

 Enuresis (Bed Wetting)

 Deep Emotional Issues Due to family extreme changes: Divorce, Loss of Parent, Moving, and Serious Illness

 Education: Homework, test anxiety

By building excellent rapport and trust with your child, our therapy solutions helps them to release deep emotional turmoil and set them free!

Our Approach Involves:

Holistic healing, Counseling Sessions, Psychological Tools such as play therapy, metaphor therapy, mindfulness, Family constellation with toys.

**Disclaimer: The mentioned above benefits are based on each individual’s experience and results vary for every individual.
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