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Career development depends on number of factors such as your interests, abilities, values, personality, background, and circumstances.

Career Counseling will help you to know and understand yourself better in order to make career, educational, and life decisions.

Career development starts from the time when you were born and will continue life long.

About Our Career Counseling Program

Career CounselingOur Career Counseling program, at Illuminations, offers you the Glyphological Assessment, that is a combination of a science & psychological concept. Every individual possesses two types of comfort zones (potential or abilities). One which is INBORN and another which is timely ACQUIRED. An adult, with the help of specific & standard set of questionnaire, can get an idea about his/her acquired comfort zones/ abilities. But there is another science as well which is known as Dermatoglyphics – study of human finger prints and identifying the inborn comfort zones/ abilities. Brainism Glyphological Assessment is the medium to get an idea about both Inborn and Acquired abilities.

Through our professional individual & personalized Counseling with Glyphological Assessment, we try to guide individuals to identify inbuilt strengths and work about beliefs and goals towards achieving their highest potential.

Check-Mark Free 30 min consultation with the therapist
 Glyphological Assessment: Session for taking finger impression
 Follow Up Counseling Session to Discuss report
 Coaching Sessions to be followed which involve powerful psychological tools, life coaching, and holistic healing practices to release blocks.

* Disclaimer - Results may vary among individuals
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